Wake Up America: Shouldn’t Responsible Governing Outweigh Politics? 5 Examples

There used to be a time, where the majority of those elected to public office, especially to the United States Senate, as well as President, proceeded with the mindset, and political position, which fell into, somewhere in the mid – range, rather than on the political fringes. We have seen a dramatic change in this representation, especially in the last 3 decades, in the Senate, and this past Presidential election. The former Mayor of New York City, major philanthropist, and business leader, as well of one of the ten wealthiest individuals, has often proclaimed, the need, to elect individuals, who are ready, willing and able, to cross over mere, party lines, and arrive at compromises, which served the common good. Whether someone, who is elected, falls into, either the Far – Right, or Far – Left, we rarely witness, the level and willingness, of seeking common ground, and thus, experience a significant degree of either stagnation, or policies, strongly opposed by many. This article, therefore, will attempt to briefly discuss, and examine, 5 examples, where America, and most Americans, would benefit, if our representatives would adopt a Policy Over Politics, perspective. and focus more on governing needs and priorities, than political and rhetorical ones.

1. Health insurance/ care: It should be obvious, the Affordable Care Act, although well – intentioned, was a flawed policy, which needed improving, fixing and tweeking. The Republican Party complained about this act, from the date it was enacted, and continue, to do, so, today. Responsible governing, should have meant, fixing the faults and flaws, rather than merely using rhetoric, calling for Repeal and Replace, and having no plan/ program, for making it better, in any true way. Once they were in control of both houses of Congress, and the Presidency, they had the opportunity to make a mark for the best, by introducing quality plans and ideas, which would make it better, less expensive, and provide enhanced medical/ health care. Instead, every bill and/ or variation introduced, appeared worse than the previous one, doing little to address costs, while putting tens of millions of Americans, without health insurance!2. Tax reform: When Donald Trump was a candidate, he stated his intention, was to create a tax plan, which would benefit, and ease the burden, of the middle class. Rather, the plans introduced, were more about benefits to the richest, as a sort of welfare, for the wealthiest, while others would, at best save about 1% on their taxes (e.g. $10,000 of taxes= $100/ year savings), while large corporations, and the richest 1% received most of the benefits. If you are anything like me, you have become sick – and – tired, of being told this would trickle – down, from the top, creating more and better jobs. Trickle – down economics has never worked, and won’t this time, and these legislators seem more focused on self – interest, personal agenda, or political favors, than best serving the interests of most of the electorate!3. Free press: Our nation was founded, based on having a fair, independent press, for the protection of the citizens. It may be true, at times, a particular media company, might behave irresponsibly, especially with the many available, so – called, news websites, but calling anything, which criticizes you, or disagrees, with your position/ agenda/ actions, Fake News, as President Trump, in many ways, is the most, undemocratic action, possible!

4. Justice for all: One of the few effective actions, taken by Trump, to date, is his re – orienting the judicial system, by appointing, as many judges, who share his positions, rather than the most qualified. After the Senate refused to consider, an extraordinary qualified individual, in Obama’s last year, in office, they crammed through, one with an obvious, more conservative agenda. We have witnessed, already, certain cases, where the American philosophy, of equal justice, for all, has disappeared!5. Common good, versus polarization: Do you yearn for the days, when public officials, may have disagreed, politically, but focused on the common good, and what was best for those they served and represented?Where have all our freedoms gone, and how many more, will disappear, because of politics, rather than policy, or the common good? Wake up America, before you will lose, many of the rights and freedoms, we, Americans, hold so dear!